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A message to the attendees of "***IMPORTANT*** DATE CHANGE for National NP Week Activity"

Posted over 8 years ago by Leslie Moore

Subject: An important message about event "***IMPORTANT*** DATE CHANGE for National NP Week Activity"

Hello everyone,

I just received an Email from Julie Hannah, President of the Gwinnett?Forsyth chapter.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Mercy Care Event/organizer is requiring a date change for our activity.   We want to ensure that we have everything we need when we arrive, including being able to enter the facility to do our activity.  The parent company needed to change the date for our contact, so they will be able to accomodate us the following Saturday (November 21st) at the same time. Sorry about the inconvience, but I think this helps a lot of people who wanted to attend the CE conference in Atlanta on Nov 14th. I will leave your RSVPs as they are. If you can not make it the 21st, please cancel your registration, but I hope you won't.

We Still will be collecting our Warm weather Items for the facility at the Meeting, but this gives us a little more time to collect donations if you wont be in Attendance.  Thank you and I hope those that have already RSVP'd can make it the following Saturday, and I hope this will also allow for others who wanted to attend be able to come as well.

Thanks again,

Leslie Moore, UAPRN ATLANTA Treasurer


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