Atlanta Chapter United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses


Posted over 8 years ago by Marta Flood

Hello Fellow Members

It has been a long hot summer! I hope you have all had some time to relax over these past 2 months.
As you all know from previous posts we have been looking for new leadership to take over the Atlanta Chapter. I am sad to say I have had no takers. I have talked to the States President James and Tiney about this. They are well aware that though Atlanta is the largest group, that there are just no members able to take over. As said in the past the Chapter will likely dissolve.

It was my intention to continue to work with the Atlanta group and start the South Atlanta Chapter.

Without support I am just not able to start up this group.

On the brighter side, I am going to be working with CAPRN and have just accepted the position of Vice Chair. I look forward to working in the Legistlative arena for the the coming General Assembly. I will post updates as for members as they become available.


Meetings will continue until the end of this term (January 1, 2016). Look fot the posting for September in the coming weeks.


Kindest Regards to All,

Marta Flood