Atlanta Chapter United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses


Posted over 9 years ago by Marta Flood

Hello Chapter Members!

Happy Nurse Practitioner week!

Remember to "toot your horns" this week for all you do for those around you. We have much to be proud of professionally and personally in our commitment to the role of a Nurse Practitioner. No matter the discipline, we all make a difference. No matter the challenges, we all stand tall. It's been said that it isn't always what we do but how we do it that makes us stand out. I can tell you that this rings true over and over in my own practice as patients thank me for what I do for them beyond treatment at their visit. They leave reassured and educated about their condition, they leave feeling cared about, they leave with tools to improve their health and prevent reoccuring patterns of illness or chronic disease. Our education blends the best of caring and compassion with evidence based practice to give those we serve all they need to heal, to control, to accept, and to grieve whatever they face affecting their health. Please thank all the Nurse Practitioners you know for their great work this week and throughout the year! Please see the AANP Nurse Practitioner Week Tips page to get ideas on how to promote the role this week.

I am proud of all of you and you should be proud as well!

Marta Flood