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Future Meeting Formats-- Please Comment

Posted almost 12 years ago by Charlotte Swint

We are looking at different types of meeting formats. We plan to continue with dinner meetings that are sponsored by vendors, but we recognize that some employers may not allow their employees to participate in such meetings. We are considering planning an alternate-type meeting in which we would have an educational speakers and offer continuing education credit for meeting attendance. The meeting would still be in a restaurant in a private room, and you would be able to purchase your own dinner, dessert, and/or drinks. Think of the benefits of not "having" to eat every course!

We have made contact with restaurants who are willing to accomodate our group with no charge for room rental, and they have offered to have separate checks for everyone. The cost to the chapter would be paying a small hororarium to the speaker. We would be able to get the accreditation for the program for AANP. They will not allow accreditation of programs from vendors which is why we have only offered credit hours for special events like the diabetes symposium last year.

We are allowing comments for 1 week on this proposed meeting type, so please post any thoughts. If  you prefer to comment another way, you can always email us at We look forward to getting your opinions!

Have a great week,

Your UAPRN Atlanta Chapter Officers


Maria Hanik almost 12 years ago

I would be agreeable to your recommendation. I think it is a nice gesture to provide an honorarium for the speaker. Thank you for your efforts - Maria

Kathryn Erickson almost 12 years ago

I honestly don't like this idea. I think if you are going to make people pay for their own dinner, you will see a dramatic drop in your attendance. Why can't the people who aren't able to supposedly attend just read minutes so the rest of us can at least enjoy the dinner, in-service, and networking? Not to be rude, but there are a lot of us who ARE able to come to these are already have enough CME's by going to conferences. And the thought of having to get separate checks for everyone attending...good luck with that. It will make what is a 2 hr dinner into a 3 hour ordeal after work. No thanks

Linda Mann almost 12 years ago

I appreciate the free meals & opportunity to network with friends while hearing about treatment I might not otherwise be familiar with. I too also get most of my needed CEUs from other sources. I like having a concentrated day or half day of education specifically for CEUs. Where would the money for the honorarium come from? It's doubtful we could afford to pay what it would be worth for the work involved to present a program that would qualify for CEUs.

Daniel Geller almost 12 years ago

While I enjoy the pharma dinners, what I most want to do at our meetings is to socialize and network with other NPs. The CEUs do not interest me; I feel we can learn much more from each other. What I would like to see is a monthly self-pay dinner without a speaker. Whether 4 or 40 people attended would be fine. We could meet at an inexpensive place like Manuel’s Tavern in Virginia Highland, they would give us a room and it would probably be $10-20 each, depending upon what you order. Places like this are used to this type of meetings and separate checks are not a big deal for them. I would volunteer to organize a monthly gathering of this type, which could be in addition to our pharma paid dinners.

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