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Posted about 12 years ago by Charlotte Swint


We have received a lot of questions about issues such as dues payments, membership cards, and communication within the UAPRN organization. We wanted to let you know that the current and past officers of the Atlanta Chapter have been actively engaged in trying to get accurate information to pass along to you. The officers of UAPRN chapters around the state had a phone meeting with Wanda Jones (our president) and Jodi O'Sullivan (our past president) on January 31, and the decision was made that all of the officers from the chapters in Georgia would meet together in March. In addition I (Charlotte Swint) attended our Region 11 meeting in Orlando earlier this month and spoke with Wanda. Also, we will have a new AANP state representative who I think will be in office soon. Her name is Bonni Cohen from Valdosta, and she is very interested in working to help UAPRN succeed. Patricia Pearce in Birmingham is our AANP Region 11 representative, and I also had the chance to meet with her. As soon as we have more information, we will be passing it along to you. I did bring back some of the AANP position statements about the health reform issues and Medicare that our webmaster will be posting next week under our "Links of Interest" tab.

In the mean time, if you have vendors who want to sponsor a dinner presentation, please have them contact us at, and if you know of continuing education events, please send them to the same address so that we can also post them. We are working to find vendors for our next meeting, and as soon as it is scheduled, then we will post the information.

You should have received an email from the state UAPRN about removing the stipulation about ordering MRIs and CTs only under life-threatening circumstances. Please contact your leglislators this weekend about this issue. Your voice is important!

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