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"Balancing Act" article from Clinician Reviews, January 2012

Posted about 12 years ago by Charlotte Swint

Did you see this article? It is about balancing your life after PA school, but I think it applies to advanced practice nurses also. I am summarizing the article here for you, and attaching reference information.

Danielson, R. (2012). Balancing act. Clinician Reviews, 22(1), 1 ,6-8.

The link for the journal is

20. Learn to manage your time.

19. Enhance your professional relationships.

18. Enhance your relationship with your patients.

17. Understand your medical liability.

16. Understand the business of medicine.

15. Care for your body, mind, and spirit.

14. Deal with fear. Cut yourself some slack.

13. Take care of your finances.

12. Stay up to date with your professional requirements.

11. Understand when to order the appropriate diagnostic tests.

10. Always remember the 5 D's of prescribing: right drug, right diagnosis, right dose, right duration, right time for discontinuation

9. Be involved in your profession.

8. Don't forget your family.

7. Be professional at all times.

6. Find some quiet time.

5. Be "interested" not "interesting" (i.e., listen to your patients).

4. Learn to handle mistakes.

3. Develop a referral base.

2. Show your appreciation.

1. Hugs (it is OK to give and receive "appropriate" hugs).