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How to obtain a receipt for your membership reimbursements

Posted almost 10 years ago by Marta Flood

Many have e mailed with questions about obtaining a receipt for reimbursement.

Please see the message below posted by the State Treasurer Debi:

Hello everyone!  I have had a couple of inquiries about how to print a dues receipt so that your work will reimburse you.  Great question!  Here are the steps:

Once you are logged in with your username and password, click on the following tabs:

'My Home' (upper right)

'View My Public Profile' (left, under your picture)

'Edit Your Profile' (center)

'Order History' (last on the list, in blue)

Click 'View Receipt' (on the right) then click 'View Printer Friendly Version' (top right) and 'Click here to print this page' (top left) to print it.

Also on the top right, in the red (or dark pink) bar, there is an icon that looks like a bell to the right of the envelope icon. If you click on the bell, you can click to view your membership card and then download it in order to print it if you need to.

I hope this helps...please let me know if you have any questions.

All the best--Debi (state treasurer)