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Atlanta Chapter New Officers Meeting

Posted about 12 years ago by Cecile Martin

Hello to our fellow NP's! 

For those of you who are interested in participating in the direction of YOUR Atlanta Chapter, a meeting will be held to review job descriptions and discuss the available positions and opportunities.  Exact date and time will be posted after receiving your comments back from this announcement.   However, those of you interested, if you can attend the speaker program on January 31st, and plan to stay a little later, this will be a great start point. 

For those of you who have previously responded, we will be in touch with you soon!  We look forward to working together in the future!


Your Atlanta Chapter Officers


Cheryl Garcia about 12 years ago

I will be having arthroscopic surgery on my knee tomorrow and don't know if I'll be able to attend the speaker program on January 31st. I will RSVP yes anyway and hope for the best, even if my husband has to drive me and eat alone because, as I have mentioned before, I am interested in the Treasurer position. Thanks. Cheryl Garcia

Cecile Martin about 12 years ago


Speedy recovery! We'll get together for planning and instruction soon!


Daniel Geller about 12 years ago

I would be interested in the VP position, and I'll be at the January 31 meeting. Thanks. Dan Geller

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