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Survey from Vein Innovations

Posted about 10 years ago by Cecile Martin

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Greetings to the Atlanta Chapter UAPRN,

I want to Thank each of you who were able to make it to our meeting on December 3rd.  We know the elemental challenges that many of you were faced with on that evening! 

Vein Innovations put on a very nice program and we had some fun in the process.  Wanda Jones, our State Vice President, was the lucky winner of a $400.00 gift certificate for Sclerotherapy!  Congratulations Wanda! 

The company is very interested in doing more program with many of the UAPRN chapters in Georgia.  They want to make sure that it meets the needs of UAPRN and helps them in future planning. So for those of you who were there, please take a moment to fill out the survery. If anyone has other ideas or thoughts please feel free to comment back on this message!

Keep up the fantastic work you do everyday!

Your Atlanta Chapter Officers!


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