Atlanta Chapter United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

UAPRN DINNER 7/11/2013

Posted over 10 years ago by Regina Soehnlein

Attention all VA affiliates!  I hope that this message finds you well. As the RSVPs start to roll in, I noticed that many of them are affiliated with the VA. Per their protocol, those participants must send to me in writing (email is fine) a scanned document from their management and/or compliance officer a signed waiver stating that it is okay for them to attend and eat a meal at the program. Within the waiver, please include the date of the program, July 11th, as well as our company, Astellas, and product to be discussed. That letter will then be sent to our legal department for our records and clearance. If that waiver has not been received and cleared they are more than welcome to attend, they just will not be allowed to receive a meal or purchase their own.

Please e-mail letter to: Any questions, call: 314-503-9547

Thanks everyone!  We want the meeting to be a great success and for all NP's to be able to participate!