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Discussion group for pediatric nurses with a generous honorarium

Posted almost 11 years ago by Jennifer Campbell

Below is a posting for a discussion group for pediatric nurses with a generous offering for your time. 

I am working for RRU LLC, a marketing research company. We are conducting a research study on Babies Nutrition in Atlanta, GA on 4/22/2013-4/24/2013 and inviting Pediatric Nurses to participate in a 2 hours discussion group for their opinions. Each participant will receive $300 at the end of the 2 hours group meeting. Please pass this information along to Pediatric Nurses in case some of them will be interested in attending. My name is Winnie Lee and my toll free # is (877) 361-2517 ext 224. All referrals will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!