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Proposed Rules on Telehealth

Posted almost 11 years ago by Charlotte Swint

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The Board of Medicine has issued a new set of proposed rules, 360-3-.07, pertaining to the provision of care by telehealth means that will directly affect the Scope of Practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Georgia.

Request for Response: Please reply by stating how the adoption of these regulations will affect your ability to provide care for your patients.

A prior proposal in the fall of 2013 that restricted current practice of APRN’s in Georgia was withdrawn, partly due to comments detailing the negative effects on provision of care to patients by non-physician providers. It will be necessary again to respond with both formal comments and testimony at any hearings about this proposed rule

The proposed rule and timeline for providing input to the Board of Medicine are attached. Please note that the actual draft language of rule 360-3-.07 is found about halfway through the document.

Please send any comments to:
Laura Searcy
Policy Director
Legislative Liaison Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses