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Legislative Update SB 94

Posted almost 11 years ago by Charlotte Swint

Legislative Update SB 94

SB 94 to remove current restrictions to the ordering of “radiographic imaging tests” by APRN’s, was placed on the agenda for a hearing before the House Health and Human Services Committee this week. Instead of hearing the bill passed by the Senate, a very onerous and unacceptable “committee substitute” was presented instead. The substitute was tabled, keeping the issue alive. However no testimony was taken despite the fact that there were a number of individuals and organizations there to testify in favor of the bill. This was a very disappointing turn of events. Work continues in the last days of this session to look for strategies to advance the original bill. At this point, SB 94 is still be a viable bill on in the House of Representatives for next year (remember, the Georgia Legislature works on a 2 year cycle) and would not have to go back to the Senate.

Two other bills that we are following passes the Senate today and will go to the Governor’s Office for his signature:

HB 141 (Supported by CAPRN) which enables a Human Trafficking Hotline in Georgia to help connect victims with support.

HB 178 the Georgia Pain Management Clinic Act which we support with some reservations due to the sweeping regulatory authority granted to the Board of Medicine in the bill.

Stay tuned as the last days of each session of the General Assembly can be full of surprises

Laura Searcy MN, APRN, PNP-BC
Policy Director
Legislative Liaison
Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses