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It’s Our Time Now!!! Call/email your HR

Posted almost 6 years ago by Nicole Bello

HB 927 has finally passed out of the Rule Committee today and will be voted on by the Senate on Friday, March 23rd! (the bill that will allow us to order advanced imaging without MD signature and an MD to collaborate with 8 APRNs instead of just 4).

It is imperative that we continue to call the Senators to let them know to support this bill. We also can start calling the House representatives and ask them to "agree" when it crosses back over.

Write, call, email, or come to the Capitol! Tomorrow, Friday, next Tuesday the 27th and Thursday the 29th are imperative days to have a physical presence if anyone is available.

Also, you may have seen our announcement that we have partnered with Empowrd and recommend everyone start getting familiar with the app and how it will help us better engage with our legislators.
You can download the app here (if you're on your phone):
You can watch a "how to" video here:

If you've never been to the Capitol and are wondering what it would be like, then you can watch a wonderful video Molly did in 2016 here:


Joan Ohawa over 5 years ago

This is great news!!

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