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Urgent Call to Action- Example Senator Email Or Text

Posted about 6 years ago by Nicole Bello

Here is a website that can be used to text your senators:

Feel free to use the example below for those who prefer to text or email the senators. Phone calls are ideal but text or emails are beneficial as well. 

Please share any ideas you may have for our urgent call to action in the comments below.

Greetings Senator,

I am emailing you in hopes to make you aware of several important nursing bills that need to make it on the calendar for a vote on the Senate Floor in front of the Senate Rules Committee. The bills are SB-334, SB-351, SB-434. These bills are very important to the 160,000 nurses that serve our communities in the state of Georgia.

Thanks in advance,
Dr. Nicole Bello, DNP, APRN, FNP-C


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