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We Need Your Input!

Posted about 6 years ago by Nicole Bello

Taking a quick poll of np students...soon to be graduates
And Seasoned NPs ( what do you wish someone had told you?)

Each year we (Atlanta Chapter UAPRN) host a program called Transitions Day, a day designed to provide a mini bootcamp on things not necessarily taught in NP programs. We are hoping to tailor a day to our student’s needs as soon to be new NPs. What do you feel you need in terms of professional development?

Examples of past topics: ANCC vs AANP which boards to take, Legislative involvement, DNP vs PhD, Professional organizations, resume building, interviewing, DEA and NPI numbers, Board Registration.

Please make your comments below. 


Kayla Lunn about 6 years ago

Hi there! I'm an FNP student at GCSU graduating May 2018. I would love to hear about interviewing, DEA and NPI numbers, board registration, and job hunting tips specific to the local job market. Tips on apps to use in practice and how to prepare for that first week at the new job would be great! Looking forward to this event.

Thank you!

Nicole Bello about 6 years ago

Thank you Kayla! All great topics to cover. Keep them coming!

Angelica Epps about 6 years ago

I would like to know about negotiating salary, what benefits to look for/ask for when accepting a job offer, and best ways to prepare for certification exams.

Nicole Bello about 6 years ago

Thanks Angelica! Salary negotiation is difficult. We also recently had Fitzgerald volunteer to donate her time to discuss exam prep. So we’re hoping for something really special next year!

Stephanie Carroll about 6 years ago

Hi! Everything what Kayla and Angelica said lol! I would like to learn what is our scope of practice in GA,how to prepare for first NP job and what to expect? What is the job market like for AGNP vs FNP.

Kereene Wint about 6 years ago

As a student I would like to know if anyone has done the NP skills workshop? If so was it beneficial? Or would you recommend a skills workshop to a novice NP? Also I would like to hear from experienced NP's about their first year as a new NP and what they did to help in role transition.
Thanks :)

Nicole Bello about 6 years ago

Thanks Stephanie and Kereene! I think it would be ideal to have a Q&A with a panel of novice and seasoned NPs to address what to expect in your new career and various APRN roles.

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