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Dinner meeting at Ruth Chris

Posted over 6 years ago by Leslie Moore

Good morning

If you are unable to attend tonight's sponsored event, please change your request to allow for others to register.

Again, one of our Members, Naomi, takes a lot of her personal time to organize these events and we can't thank her enough, but we want to be respectful of her time and the connections she is making by ensuring we do our part and arrive, on time, for the presentations.

Representatives from pharmaceutical companies must meet criteria to host these events, that includes the number of people they are presenting to.  You have to be present for the presentation in order to have the dinner.  That means no arriving late.  

There will be a sign in sheet.  One for uaprn and the other for the vendor.  We are reviewing who is registering and not coming to meetings.  If you are found in violation of doing this we do reserve the right to cancel your registration.

Unfortunately, full members have first priority to seating, then Student members.  If you want to invite a guest, and the sponsors can't accommodate them in seating then they can cover the cost of their own meal.  There have been exceptions when we have special invited guests and either the chapter or state picks up the tab as they were invited by an officer for networking purposes.  Generally the sponsors are looking to speak to prescribers ( they are marketing at the end of the day)

The officers are looking to have other non dinner events planned to get the members more opportunities to network and we hope the same enthusiasm you all are showing this year for the dinners will carry over to our volunteer opportunities.  If you have any ideas or hear of any opportunities please let us know.

typed via I apologize if there are any typos

thank you

Leslie Moore ANP-BC



Dimple Lilian Kripalani over 6 years ago

I am unable to attend the meeting tonight .kindly unregister me for this event.
Dimple Kripalani

Regina Canty over 6 years ago

I am unable to attend. Thank you.

Latonia Collier over 6 years ago

I am unable to attend the meeting tonight.
Thank you

Carolyn Hahn-Swanson over 6 years ago

I am unable to attend

Angella Green over 6 years ago

I did not register for this meeting and will not be attending. Thank you

Lari Johnson over 6 years ago

I did not register for this event and will not be attending.

JacQuiece Liddell over 6 years ago

I did not register however will not be able to attend.

Felicia Perry over 6 years ago

I think that I registered for this, but I don't see an option to unregister. I will not be able to make it due to an unexpected event. Please allow someone to use my slot.

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