Atlanta Chapter United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

What is CAPRN?

Posted about 11 years ago by Charlotte Swint

UAPRN is partnering with CAPRN for leglislative efforts. The following information is copied from their web page using the following link:

Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses working together to advance the health of all Georgians

We are a Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nursing organizations across the state of Georgia. 
CAPRN represents over 15 different APRN organizations from the mountains of North Georgia to the beaches of coastal Georgia, reaching from the south to the north, from rural areas to the urban city of Atlanta.  More APRN organizations are joining us everyday.
CAPRN Membership consists of individuals who represent various advanced practice nursing organizations in the state of Georgia.  This group is a coalition of advanced practice nursing organizations to allow for open communication, networking, and collaboration on issues affecting the health of Georgians and the provision of advanced practice nursing care.  Each member represents the voice of their advanced practice nursing organization and is responsible for communication, feedback, and obtaining support on issues being addressed by the Coalition while serving as a liaison between their individual organization and the collaboration that occurs within the Coalition.

Member Organizations:
Georgia Nurses Association
United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
American College of Nurse-Midwives Georgia Affiliate
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Georgia Chapter
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Georgia Chapter
Nurse Practitioner Council of Coastal Georgia
Nurse Practitioners of Emory Healthcare
Central Georgia Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
APRN's of Emory University
APRN's of Georgia State University
APRN's of Georgia Southern University