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Chapter meeting locations and sponsors

Posted about 8 years ago by Amanda Sanders

Happy New Year!

If anyone has a connention with a potential sponsor for our chapter dinner meetings please send the contact information to myself at

Also, in efforts to make meetings more accessible to everyone we would like to host meetings in north, centrtal, and south atlanta. If you would like meetings to be held closer to south Atlanta, please post venue ideas in the comments section below.

thank you,

Amanda Sanders, UAPRN President


Beverly Kelly about 8 years ago

There's a great Mexican restaurant near Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport called "La Fiesta" on Virginia Ave in Hapeville. The food is great, margaritas are excellent and the prices are very reasonable. The decorum is typical Mexican restaurant style. Our family goes there regularly and I sometimes see large groups there.
Thanks, Beverly Kelly, NP-C.

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